Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and at times the bridal shower doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.  If your a perfectionist like me and a total control freak (like me), try to let this one go.  Have some help for the bridal shower.  Traditionally it's the bridesmaids that give the bride a shower, however these days, anything goes!  A good compromise is to have the bride's parents pay for everyone they want to invite while the groom's parents pay for everyone they want to invite and have the bridesmaids help where they can.  If your budget allows, consider a wedding planner for the wedding and see if she/he will also do the bridal party.

Here are some beautiful ideas for any bridal shower to help get you started!

This picture comes from Martha and what I love about it is the simple elegance.  You can take a plain white bowl, or tea cup and turn it into a vase.  It helps keep the budget low with giving your event unique details that everyone is sure to admire!

Also, from Martha Stewart, I like these small favor boxes wrapped in white wrapping paper, place a simple ribbon (the color scheme of the wedding) and then monogram with the brides new last name or if the bride is to keep her last name, monogram with that as well or even the date of the wedding or bridal shower itself.

Here are some more cute and amazing ideas from Martha  Click on the picture to be taken to the webpage and see how to make these yourself.

These next photo's come from Hostess with the on each photo to view it's details.

what I want to show you here is how they used simple glass blocks to add an element of elegance to an otherwise simple table.  You might also consider looking at craft stores such as hobby lobby or Michael's for glass blocks that have the hole in them to insert lights and create a glowing effect.

look at the glass's in next to the main centerpiece, how they used simple martini glasses and inserted roses or you can use carnations for a more affordable price.

I love using chandeliers whenever possible, I think it brings such a dramatic feel to the overall event. What I like about this one is how they used flowers on this candle chandelier instead of candles.

This donut cake not only looks tasty but beautiful the way the flowers were placed on it.  What a great low-budget idea!

Hope some of these helped and as always if you would like any event suggestions or ideas, please don't hesitate to ask. 


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  1. These seem like good ideas, but you mentioned a wedding planner- they aren't cheap at all! Can you write more on bridal shower games? I'm tired of finding easy printout games all over the web- I'm looking for interesting games to get to know the bride or something along that vein. Thank you!