Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just Because...

Let's face it, sometimes we like to celebrate nothing, just to have an excuse to celebrate something!  For those of you who have little girls or neices, how about celebrating with a Tea Party? I once heard from a well respected author that "playing" Tea Party is so much more than just playing, it's a teachable time spent with your children.  It teaches them manner's, ediquice, posture, and for little girls, it teachs them how to be a proper little girl and for boys, how to respect girls -( i.e- puling out their chair).   All of which is a lost art, plus it can be a lot of fun for both child and parent, not to mention memories in the making.  So pull up a chair and let's talk about throwing the best Tea Party Ever!!!

For this week, let’s look at having a “pretend” tea party, this will be Part 1 of 2.
First gather all of your kids play kitchen food, tea set (if your child has one) and dress up!  Get in your Sunday best or let your child put on their dress up clothes and get glammed up!  Show your child how to set a table (this will come in handy later when you need your child to help set the dinner table) and the proper way to ask for something at the dinner table.  Be sure they use their “Please” and “Thank You”.  Be creative and have them invite some little friends over (if you choose), make fun invites on construction paper and limit to about 30mins.  If you are having fun, then allow the tea party to go longer, but don’t let it go too long and allow the kids to be bored.  Make this a weekly party, get to know your kids and allow your inner child to come out and party too!

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