Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Mailbox

While picking up my daughter from school the other day, I was informed we needed to make some sort of Valentines mailbox for our child to take to school for their Valentines Party and it needed to be large enough to fit even the biggest valentine! So I began to think what we could make that would be large enough for big homemade valentines and small enough for her to carry without much effort.  Here is what we came up with:

This idea came from Artists Helping Children with a few modifications that I made.  First, I did not make the mail slit on the front of the box ( it may not be big enough for some of the homemade valentines), instead, I only made the flap on the top of the box and secured it closed with 2 Velcro dots under the buttons I sewed on the ribbon.  We called our craft time, "Our Pre-Valentines Day Party" and we finished the night by baking heart shaped cookies!
Total time to do this project = 15 mins - start to finish, watching my daughter get excited as we created her masterpiece and display her foam hearts to stuck on = priceless!

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