Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Reveal Day!!!!

I know, I know, it's been too long.  I could tell you all about my trips to the hospital with sick kids, breathing treatments for my infant, and complete lack of sleep, but I think if I just say, "I have been busy 'being a mom'", that you all would understand.  I really wanted to introduce my new company this month, and that is exactly what I am going to do.  Drum roll please.......Say Hello to "GlitterPosh Parties"!
GlitterPosh Parties is a company that will help you create your child's theme birthday party.  I am so excited to finally share it with everyone!  As many of you know I LOVE to through a party and even more so now that I have kids of my own.  I understand how busy life can get and to plan a birthday party on top of everything else can be a bit much at times.  That's why GlitterPosh Parties has come to life. There have been too many party's of my own that I can remember spending countless hours planning and preparing for, only to be so busy before, during and after the party that I did not get to enjoy the party at all!  When it comes to my children, as a mother, I want to be there for every moment.  I want to be able to watch my child enjoy her birthday party, I want to see her smile and laugh and capture those moments not only on camera, but in my heart.  That is why GlitterPosh Parties exists today. To help parents enjoy their child's birthday, to relax and for once, join the fun!  GlitterPosh takes care of everything from the pre-party consultation to the mailing of the invites, games, decorations, costumes, snacks, treat bags, cupcakes and the final mailing of the "Thank You" note.  So relax, and let GlitterPosh do all the work, you deserve it!  I am adding the final touches to my website, so I will be posting that soon so you can see all the different Theme's we provide.  Also, I am going to be posting some specials as well, so be on the look out!

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