Friday, November 11, 2011

Book and Movie Party

So I am loving this post that I just read on the multiply delicious blog, it's all about a Book and Movie Party.
Here is the link:
It's not for a birthday, it's just a simple party to hold and donate books to kids in the hospital.  You MUST read this, it's pretty cool.  I not only love the idea of donations, but the simple book and movie party theme is great.  A movie night in the summer, outdoors is wonderful and I might just have to do this one year as all 3 three of my kids have birthday's during the nice weather seasons.  However, I often hear, "you are so lucky to have your parties at your house outdoors, my kids have birthday's in the winter and I don't have enough room in my house for everyone". Well, think about a movie party, you don't have to have any games, the kids are all in one area, not running around...I think it's a great idea! Go one step further and decorate it like a slumber party and have everyone bring their sleeping bags!

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