Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's time to get Tangled!

For almost all the little girls out there, Tangled seems to be "the" movie theme they want for their birthday party!  So without further ado, here we go:

1.  From Tiny Oranges, here are some great ideas:

If you check out the Tiny Oranges blog she has a link that you can just click on to download this flyer, how easy is that?!?!

I love this cake in a frying pan.  For anyone who has seen this movie, you get it!  Also, how she piped the cake in yellow to look like her hair!

2. I thought this idea was really cute from the paging supermom blog:

Rapunzel Braid Front Door Party Decor

Using yarn to create Rapunzel's hair on the door when guests arrive and then continuing it on the inside of the door!

Tangled Birthday Party Braid Door Hanger

3.  I like this clever idea to use the flynn flyer as the party invite. Check out the Plucky momo blog and she actually has the link that you can download your own free!

She used these paper lantern's from the dollar store.  You might want to get a punch of them or buy them in bulk to get a better price and hang them EVERYWHERE for a huge impact!

  This is actually an idea from, and so cute!

4.  Some really cute idea's are coming up here on The Disney Party Blog, click here to view the entire post.

The invite with Rapunzel's hair...nicely done!

The painting station. (above)

The Favor (below):

5.  I am in love with this next party favor, very cute and very simple. What little girl would not love this? It comes from the Doityourself blog and you have to check it out because she actually walks you through the steps on how to make everything!

I like this cake, so simple to do yourself.  She simply put a tangled toy on top of the cake.  This is what I do with my girls birthday cakes.  If it's a movie or character theme party I will use one of their toys to place on top of the cake. All I have to do is make a boxed cake, wash up the toy, do the different colored pipe along the cake and write their name. So simple and so cheap! LOVE IT!

I hope you found some good ideas and remember, if there is a party you would like idea's on, just let me know!

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  1. Love it!! This may be my girls' next birthday theme!! :) :)