Saturday, December 10, 2011

Welcome to the Carnival

Join us under the Big Top! Come one, come all and explore that amazing idea's for a your child's first birthday:

Decorating for a Carnival Party
this picture come's from

I have thrown 2 carnival birthday parties in the past, both for a first birthday.  It's a fun theme and if you have older kids attending, it also gives them something to do where they won't feel it's too "baby-ish".

Depending on your budget you can really go all out for this theme.  Dunk Tank, carnival rides, booths, (for those in the Oakland/Macomb Mi area, I have a great company you can contact regarding these rentals, just email me or drop a comment in this post) but what I also love about this theme is that it can be done a budget.  Use lots of red, blue and yellow balloons, bright table cloths and paper goods.

When making the entrance for the party, try using helium balloons, tie them to some clear fish line and create an arch for the guests to walk thru.  If you don't want balloons starting from the ground on the arch, try using PVC pipes, wrap them in red/white crepe paper and then tie the fish line to the tops of the pipes and tie on your helium balloons (be sure leave enough slack on the fish line for the balloons to pull the line into an arch shape).

Here are some inspiring parties:

Above is from the one and only Martha Stewart. I love the simple table cloth, balloons and fabric in bright bold colors to make such a large impact.  Check it out here.

What a great game, and so simple to create! Check out all of Martha's idea's here!

For all of you DIY'ers, check out the creative-party-themes website.  There are some creative carnival invitation ideas, just click here.

I really wish I had more photo's from the carnival parties I did, however, it seems when it's for my own kids, I never have time to take pictures.  However, when it's a party that I am hired to do, I have plenty of those pictures.  The above were just a few that I could find. I promise to post more.

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