Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tips on Planning

I know it's been awhile since I last posted, I am sorry, things have been a bit crazy around around here. We had 3 parties within 3 days and now that the weekend is over, I feel as though I can breath again!

Now onto some quick tips for kids birthday parties.  Although my kids birthdays are not for another 5,7 and 8 months away - I have already started planning. 

Tip #1. - Plan Early - this way when you are out doing your regular shopping, do a quick "run through" of the store. Check all clearance aisle, end caps, and in the back of the store.  You can find GREAT deals and really stretch your budget this way.  Look at everything from plates, napkins, and balloons, to craft projects for the kids, games and invitations.

Tip #2. - Dollar Store - Here you can find great deals for your little one's party, it's amazing what you can find and if you are crafty, the possibilities are endless!  For those of you in the Macomb, Mi area, check out the Dollar Castle next to Hobby Lobby on the corner of Schoehner and Hall Rd. GREAT STORE! MANY selections!

Tip #3. - Sale, Sale, Sale - My rule of thumb, if it's not on sale, I don't buy it! It goes back to planing early. If you have a general idea of what your theme is going to be, you can start looking at things in the stores and keep checking to see if they go on sale or clearance.  It's amazing how much you can save! Plus, if you become familiar with your local stores, especially small local stores, you can ask them to call you when things go on sale or when they get new items in!

Tip #4 - Online Stores - There are so many great websites to check out and unique items you can obtain on line that will be sure to set your party out from all the others!  Get familiar with sites like Vista Prints, they have free products give aways, which you only have to pay for shipping.  They have everything from invites to save the date and thank you cards. I already have my invites for my daughters 3rd birthday and it's not until July! But Vista Prints had what I wanted for free, so I snagged them up while I could!  Oriental Trading is another great site to get items on a budget.

Tip #5 - Shop your House - So many times I buy things because they are on clearance and then shelf them.  So check to see what you have before you go shopping, sometimes, it's amazing what you will find!

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